Project Director Mr. D Seshagiri (LRDE) in charge of the UTTAM Active electronically scanned array (AESA) Fire Control Radar (FCR)program has confirmed that Three Indigenously developed UTTAM FCR is going thorough its phase by phase demonstration of all its operational modes and the radar will clear all required node demonstration by end of this year and will be cleared for production in 2021.

UTTAM FCR mounted on a leased Business jet, Dornier Do 228 and LCA-Tejas LSP aircraft are carrying out regular sorties and the radar will demonstrate all the nodes by end of this year. Basic Air to Air nodes have been cleared but more advance nodes are still to be tested including some in the air to ground nodes.

According to sources close to, UTTAM FCR is still getting refined software algorithms every few months which improves its capabilities, while most of the 18 nodes required will be demonstrated by end of this year it will still not be ready for production yet as claimed by LRDE.

Airforce is likely will evaluate all the demonstrated capabilities and ask for further refinement in scan and tracking capabilities which will require software upgradation which means it will be ready for small scale batch production in 2022 onwards, just in time to be integrated with the first MWF-Mk2 aircraft in 2022 which will have its first flight in 2023.

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