The impact of the Ukraine conflict is not just limited to Europe, India highlighted at the United Nations Security Council, adding that the war has exacerbated concerns over food, fertilizers, and fuel security, especially in developing countries.

India’s Permanent Representative at United Nations, Ruchira Kamboj said that New Delhi will continue to work with the international community to mitigate economic hardships arising from the Ukraine war.

“India will continue to work with the international community and partner countries to mitigate the economic hardships that are resulting from this conflict. The impact of the Ukraine conflict is not just limited to Europe,” she said at the UNSC briefing on the forced displacement of Ukrainian civilians on Wednesday.

“The conflict is exacerbating concerns over food, fertilizer, and fuel security, particularly in the developing countries. It is necessary for all of us to appreciate the importance of equity, affordability, and accessibility adequately,” she added.

Ms Kamboj highlighted that in the last three months, India has exported more than 1.8 million tons of wheat to countries in need, including Afghanistan, Myanmar, Sudan, and Yemen.

“We continue to emphasize to all member states that the global order be anchored on international law, the UN Charter, and respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of states,” she said.

She said that since the commencement of the Ukraine conflict, India has been consistently calling for an immediate cessation of hostilities and an end to violence.

She emphasized that the situation in Ukraine has not shown any significant improvement since the Security Council last discussed the matter and its humanitarian consequences.

India hoped the international community will continue to respond positively to the call for humanitarian assistance. The country recently dispatched its 12th consignment of humanitarian aid to Ukraine.