Around Late 2019 there were reports that UAE Air Force that operates the 2nd most numbers of Mirage 2000 jets after France was planning to sells around 24 to 36 fighter jets to Iraqi Air Force. The reports also said that UAE wanted to provide Iraq with these jets to be stationed inside or near Kurdistan region after refurbishing the jets to latest model. This may be as deterrence against Turkey. Whatever the reason may be but both France and Dassault refused and put their foot down, France perhaps for fear of these jets falling into wrong hands and Dassault for total lack of relevant support and service infrastructure in Iraq.

UAE Air Force which is buying both the 5th generation F35 jets from USA and 4.5 generation Rafale jets from France in good numbers (both at least 36) will have 69 surplus Mirage 2000 jets that it wants to hive off or et rid off asap.

Since, both France and Dassault refused to help UAE to send these magnificent jets to Iraq, next best option for UAE could be to sell these jets to Taiwan that o0perates 60 f these jets. But if they do that it will seriously antagonize China and UAE surely wont want to risk that. So the next best option is to sell these jets to India that currently operates 50 of these jets. It is perhaps the last chance for IAF to grab these jets that are perhaps surplus for the home county. IAF not only has service and service and support setup in place but also has deal with both France and Dassault to refurbish these jets to Mirage 2000 UPG standard. It’s the last chance for IAF to grab these jets that are basically surplus.

Lets’ hope better sense prevails and just as it is buying surplus Mig 29s from Russia(currently 21 but all probability may go for all 34), IAF that currently operates 50 of these jets, too should give a thought to buy these jets from either the same of 24 to 36 jets for a price that doesn’t burn a hole in it budget ultimately operating around 80 of these jets, since neither Qatar (12 jets) nor Greece that operates (25 jets) will want to sell there Mirage 2000 jets to India owing to their own exigencies. Chances of UAE selling all 67 off is less since some of these are specifically built only for use by UAE Air Force.

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