Its curtains for the world’s first ‘hybrid’ air show – Aero India 2021 and on the last day of the 13th edition of Aero India 2021, at Yelahanka air base in Bengaluru, Two Indian Air Force light combat aircrafts Tejas flew along with US Air Force B-1B Lancer bomber to become the showstopper of the event in the last flyby of the day, giving audience a rare treat of seeing locally made Tejas flying alongside an American Nuclear bomber.

The American B-1B Lancer heavy bomber was flown for the first time in India at Aero India 2021, and took off from the Ellsworth Air Force Base in USA’s South Dakota, to perform a fly-by at the Aero India 2021.

B-1B Lancer Powered by four General Electric F101-GE-102 turbofan engines with an afterburner, the Bomber has 137 feet wingspan, 146 feet length, 34 feet height, and weighs a whopping 86,183 kg.”The bomber’s maximum take-off weight is 2,16,634 kg and it can carry 1,20,326 kg and can fly at 900 miles per hour at over 30,000 feet,” Boeing said in its factsheet.

Nicknamed ‘The Bone’, the B-1 has been deployed in combat operations over Afghanistan and Iraq since 2001. As a major partner, the US is participating in the air show to strengthen its defence ties with India, reflecting its shared vision of a free and open Indo-Pacific region. Leading US defence firms are participating in the maiden hybrid exhibition amid the pandemic.

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