A Twitter user who goes by the handle @porbotialora has put out a thread, which has been gaining a lot of traction on how the “Panun Kashmir” project by the Government of India will flip India’s only Muslim majority area and also the most troubled region due to Islamic Terror activities and ongoing separatism state-sponsored by Pakistan into an Hindu Majority area in next few years.

Panun Kashmir is a proposed state of India in the Kashmir Valley, which is intended to be a homeland for Kashmiri Hindus, that has been gaining attention after Article 370 was abrogated by the Central government and the tremors have been felt as far as Islamabad which many claim will lead to demographic change in the region to India’s advantage thus also solving India’s long-pending troubled area in the region.

Some of the information posted by the Twitterati, can’t be independently verified for accuracies so viewers discretion is advised.

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Thread on the “Panun Kashmir” project by GOI. The government is building townships for Kashmiri Pandits across Eastern Kashmir presently. Compared to the densely populated Western part, Eastern Kashmir is sparsely populated.

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Districts East of the Jhelum river can accommodate a lot of Hindus. Districts like Ganderbal, Bandipora, Kupwara, Srinagar, Pulwama, and Anantnag have a population of around 1.7 M but can accommodate 2X as many Hindus.

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Srinagar district is divided into two tehsils – North and South. The near entire population of the district is concentrated in the Western part leaving the Eastern part vacant essentially.

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“ Kupwara can also be settled with Hindus as it has the lowest share of Kashmiris in all of the division as well as the highest share of Hindus Baramulla will be hard to settle as it is hilly but can still take in considerable Hindu population. Tangmarg tehsil was 27% Hindu in the 80s ”

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Kulgam cannot be settled as it is prone to avalanches while Shopian is a hotbed for the insurgency. Altogether, 6/10 districts of Kashmir can be flipped to the Hindu majority.

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Eastern Kashmir can take in around 4M Hindus in its sparse lands before it reaches a saturation point. This will bring down the share of Muslims in Kashmir from 96% to 55% with some additional 500k elsewhere in the division. By 2050, Muslims will fall to 39% owing to TFR differences.

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Out of the 6 hill districts of Jammu, 4 will likely flip to Hindu majority in the next 5-6 years. Reasi and Doda will be first, followed by Kishtwar and Rajouri.

Twitterati also put out information about BJP already constructing townships in Kashmir’s Eastern districts. 6 KP townships are under construction presently. Anantnag – 2 Ganderbal – 1 Pulwama – 2 Shopian – 1.

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