Andrey Marshankin, Regional director of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) said that Indian Airforce (IAF) is still keen on developing a Twin-Seat Configuration of FGFA, while it will also Induct single-seat FGFA variant and have not dropped plans to Procure Twin-Seat Configuration of FGFA as reported earlier by certain section of media .

Russian Air force don’t have such requirements and Russia had informed Indian officials that development will require major modification to keep airframe effectively Stealth which would drive up cost considerably to tune of $ 1 Billion as well as delay the programme .

Russian officials also believe that adding a second seat is not necessary given the aircraft’s vastly improved capabilities over the current crop of 4++-Generation aircrafts like Sukhoi-30MKI which have Twin-Seat Configuration and is the backbone of Indian air force fleet.

IAF has already dropped Initial plans to Purchase 214 (166 single-seaters and 48 twin-seaters).to 144 FGFA now which will be built by HAL at its Nashik Plant in India, IAF is still is not revealed how many twin-seaters FGFA it wants and how many Single seater variant.

IAF in past also has questioned Russians reluctant to share critical design information with India; IAF’s deputy chief of air staff (DCAS), it’s top procurement official, had declared the FGFA’s engine was unreliable, its radar inadequate, its stealth features badly engineered, India’s work share too low, and that the fighter’s price would be exorbitant by the time it enters service.