Washington under the previous Obama administration had agreed to assist Delhi in sharing, designing and developing jet engines for India’s proposed 5th generation Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) Fighter jets project under Defense Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI) initiatives taken to forward Indo-US defence collaboration.

Considered one of the four pathfinder military projects likely to be taken up between New Delhi and Washington seems to have fresh hurdles according to Industrial sources close to

A Joint High-level committee formed are yet to get back to continue negotiations to work out a framework under which joint projects were to be taken under new Trump administration. Official response coming from Trump administration is that they are currently reviewing decisions taken by the previous administration on proposed joint military projects between New Delhi and Washington.

India had planned to use baseline General Electric Aviation developed F-414 jet engines to be uprated to 110kN Thrust to meet requirements of India’s futuristic Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) which might have its first flight by 2025-26.

Indian officials will continue to explore proposed joint military projects while hoping that Trump administration responds positively to its requests. Prime Minister’s Narinder Modi upcoming visit to the United States later this year might also help bring back focus back on identified proposed joint military projects between two countries.

EuroJet Turbo Company officials on sidelines of Aero India 2017 speaking to had confirmed that they are still willing to offer Eurojet EJ200 engine used on Eurofighter Typhoon fighter aircraft developed by EuroJet Turbo GmbH to power India’s 5th-generation fighter jet and have also proposed joint development of new engine dubbed EJ2x0 which can generate 30% more power compared to the original EJ200 with a reheated output of around 120 kN from current 90kN developed by Eurojet EJ200 engine.

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