AK-630M based Close-In Weapons System (CIWS) mounted on Tatra High Mobility 6×6 Vehicle specifically developed for the Indian Army is ready for developmental trials said industrial sources close to First Truck-mounted AK-630M CIWS has carried out internal trials by Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) and will ready for further trials by the Indian Army.

In June 2019, was first to break the story of the Indian Army asking OFB to develop the CIWS system to secure its Border Post and Troops stationed there. AK-630 which is manufactured locally in India by OFB has 95.6 % level of indigenization by OFB and is a proven, reliable and tested weapon system and can fire nearly 5,000 rounds per minute

AK-630M CIWS is a 6 barrelled 30 mm Air defence Naval Gun of Russian origin presently in service with the Indian Navy and has a primary purpose to secure warship against anti-ship missiles and other precision-guided weapons, but the Truck-mounted AK-630M CIWS developed for the Indian Army will be positioned at Line of Control (LOC) against defence against Heavy mortar shells Anti-Rocket and Artillery Shell, which are usually fired against Army Post in the region.

Truck-mounted AK-630M CIWS incorporates BEL developed fire control radar which can engage aerial targets at 4 km and 5 km and is fully automated, and can also be remotely controlled by an operator from either the control console or via a remotely mounted gun-sight. According to OFB sources close to, CIWS System is also fine-tuned to take out MALE and HALE Class UAVs and Small Drones and has been jointly developed with BEML.


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