There is an adage said in our society that ‘THE BEST PREPARATION OF TOMORROW IS DOING YOUR BEST TODAY’& this is what UK is planning on India.The failure of Eurofighter programme in getting more orders has hit Europeans countries so hard that they are separately working on their next Gen Fighter Jet Programme. In fact, the major blow to Euro group (UK, GERMANY, ITALY, and SPAIN) was TYPHOON’s defeat in MMRCA tender. It completely eroded their dreams into dusts. Now, they are also sure of India buying 110 more Rafale planes under MMRCA tender leaving Typhoon order book inert forever. Therefore, Looking at the current developments, there is a possibility that Euro group Consortium is inching towards extinction.

In early 2019, France & Germany announced a JV on Sixth gen fighter programme. These two countries have the most efficient & technological advanced work force compared to other countries in Europe. After BREXIT, UK is now a Solo player in the market &when Germany preferred to go with France on 6th gen Fighter development, British found it a mess& invited India for JV. But, the question raises, why Germans & French did not approach to India for JV while British did.

It is because British along with small economies like Spain & Netherlands are unable to fund such a heavy budget Fighter programme& there requirements also ranges in between 50-100, as India is becoming 5th largest economy in the world this year, British is on a motive to lure India & grab its huge Aerospace market. They want India’s participation in their programme with leaving no further option for other competitors to grab the space. The suspicion roaming around the British head is, if India elects their opponent’s fighter, then British will not be able to afford such defeats.

The French-German Sixth generation fighter would definitely be a challenger to British’s one due to their arrival on the same time. By post 2030, India would have become the formidable buyer for sixth generation planes.With the flights of Russians & American sixth gen fighter by 2030, you could expect a MMRCA tender type fight by that time. Keeping vigilance across the border, India may opt to buy 100-150 sixth gen fighter planes despite AMCA induction.

Once India joins hand with British, there would be another blackmail like FGFA. After that, funds after fund flowing from India into British accounts but results expected are still ill effective. British looted our country for 200 years &this country houses most of the India’s most wanted criminals as well as the Anti-India Pakistani sentiments including the MPs in their parliament who always  cynic about India’s existence. That’s why , the better option is ‘LEAVE THE BRITISH ALONE’…

Then the Question raises,  what should India do? According to my option, India should avoid these Traps set by Foreign Countries & propagated by some Indian Shakunis. In Dwapara Yuga, there was only one Shakuni but In Kaliyug there are many many Shakunis. TheKaliyug Shakunis are most demanding in nature, as they want to become millionaire faster. Therefore, leaving all these propaganda aside, India needs to focus more on its cooperation with France. The priority should be about procuring of 110 Rafale under MMRCA tender & transforming this engagement into a stealthy one so that nobody could penetrate it. Once Rafale is made in India under MMRCA drive, the same production line can also be used for French-German FCAS(Future Combat Air System)manufacturing with some upgrades, if gets elected in future. It would make our efforts easier. The FCAS seems more viable than British TEMPEST& expected first delivery before 2030.

India can balance its fighter strengths by not considering FGFA again. Let the IAF Decide their suitable 6th gen bird. With 5th Gen AMCA &an anticipated 6th gen Fighter ( FCAS/TEMPEST/Others) in its inventory, India can show its adversaries their right place.



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