Why, simply bcozit’s a futile to keep a country as its protectorate. No independent nation worth its salt can digest the fact that its policies are dictated by a nation that acts like big brother. India made the mistake in Nepal. Pt. Nehru refused King Tribhuvan‘s offer of merger with India (a good decision) but he made a mistake of controlling its foreign, finance and security policy from 1947 to 1997 under Friendship Treaty.

This Friendship Treaty was main grudge used by Maoist to uproot the royalty and democratic government. Needless to say this resentment was also successfully fanned by Chinas greedy stratagem to entrap Nepal in its debt trap. Now Nepal sings only Chinese tune, evident from the fact that it is now squeezing Tibetan refugees and even dares to prick India bcoz it knows now India cant do anything.

Nepal due to its geography has the option to play China card but Bhutan which is on the crossroad vis a vis India doesn’t have the luxury to do so, and is being forced to depend on India as its protectorate.

Lets not forget what happened in Doklam, and the way India mishandled the situation leading to China completing the takeover of North Doklamhas Bhutan worried about India. This coupled with lot of resentment in the youth of Bhutan, where more and more unemployed youth are trying to get jobs and lead good lives is leading to a precarious situation.

Bhutan doesn’t have the geographical advantage like Nepal to connect to China. So China is using radio waves and little nick nack supplied via Bangladesh to turn it into its favour.Needless to say that China has been trying hard to connect with Bhutan, and the brewing resentment has allowed China a big chance that it will never want to let go. China is desperate to bring Bhutan under its fold.Letsnot forget Bhutan is the onlycountry in the world that doesn’t recognize or China or have diplomatic relations. Something China cant digest.

This brewing resentment has culminated in the stunning loss of the sitting government considered close to the royal family at the hands of opposition that played on that resentment. This resentment may even result in toppling of the royalty and if it happens then it will be catastrophe for the small Himalayan nation.

High time India does a Sikkim in Bhutan and assimilates it into India or lets Bhutan go and allow it choose its relation at its will. What is certain is that if Bhutan is let free China will make it into another Tibet for sure. So it is a difficult choice for India to make.

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