SOURCE: Times Now Digital

Terrorists are spreading misinformation on social media through hate speeches, fake news and doctored videos with an intent to entice and recruit vulnerable individuals, said India at the United Nations during the 45th Session of the Human Rights Council on Monday.

Raising concerns over the increasing propagation of fake content on the internet and social media, Pawan Badhe, First Secretary at Permanent Mission of India to UN, said that increased presence of people online and on social media has been targeted by terrorists. These terrorists are disseminating misinformation through hate speeches, fake news and doctored videos.

“The intent of the terrorists is to entire and establish links with vulnerable individuals and recruit them in their cadres. Terror groups have also exhorted supporters to target security forces and health workers,” added Badhe.

Pawan Badhe also spoke on the terror-funding in the country under the garb of non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

“Another disturbing trend has been the collection of funds by proscribed terrorist outfits ostensibly for undertaking charitable activities, but which, in reality, would be used to finance terror,” he said.

He went on to add that terrorism is the grossest affront to enjoyment of the inalienable right to life and to live in peace security. It poses a serious threat to economic and social development, undermines democracy and jeopardises rule of law, said Badhe.

“It’s an attack against freedom of thought, expression and association,” added the First Secretary at Permanent Mission of India to UN.

‘Pakistan a failed state with no regard for democracy’
Yesterday, India lambasted Pakistan in its Right of Reply at the UNHRC in Geneva, calling it “a failed state” with no regard for values and culture of democracy and noted that its shenanigan of running with the hare and hunting with the hound was hard to miss.

Exercising India’s Right of Reply in response to “mendacious statement” delivered by Pakistan at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), Vimarsh Aryan, First Secretary, MEA, said it is very unfortunate to witness incessant and insensible ranting by Pakistan on issues that are extraneous to the mandate of this Council and which relate to the internal affairs of India.

“Pakistan’s sole objective as a member of this Council is to distract the attention of international community from serious human rights violations committed by it against its own people, and in Indian territories occupied by it,” Aryan said.

He said Pakistan is epicentre of global terrorism and a strong proponent of monoethnic culture and monoethnic dominance and “is violating every single international treaty and declaration on human rights as we speak”.