After successfully slashing the price of upgraded Tejas Mk1A by nearly half at less than $45 Million a unit for soon to be concluded order for 83 jets, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) is working on introducing a low-cost version of the fighter jet designated as ” TejEx ” for Export Market from 2023 onwards said a reliable source close to

According to information provided to, TejEx will be more expensive than the Tejas Mk1 but will be cheaper then Mk1A which HAL has plans to put in production soon. TejEx can be customizable as per customer requirements and can have systems and subsystems from both Mk1 and Mk1A configuration to make it slot between both the aircraft in terms of technology on offer.

TejEx test plane will be company-owned and will be used as a product demonstrator for the potential customers and the first aircraft will likely be ready by end of 2023 once the system and configuration are confirmed after considering requirements of the export market.

TejEx will have the Radar option of ELA-2032/MMR, ELA-2052 and even UTTAM AESA in later stages with choice of weapons integration which includes India’s offering like Astra BVRAAM, SAAW and Inertial guided bomb. Weapons that have been cleared for Tejas Mk1 and Mk1A will also be on offer but if the customer requires certain weapons integration can be carried out if a customer is ready to fit the bill for such integration work.

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