Dr. Girish Deodhare, program Director of ADA speaking to Defence correspondence Anantha Krishnan has confirmed that the company has moved far ahead from the preliminary design review (PDR) stage that was conducted last year and after design aspects of the aircraft were accelerated in 202, the design team is nearing towards completion of critical design review (CDR) stage now, that will set the stage for the rollout of a first aircraft in August 2022.

The CDR confirms that the proposed jet will meet all requirements set by the Indian Air Force that was part of the program from the configuration planning stage. Deodhare also confirmed that wind tunnel tests have progressed in a very big way and ordering of Raw materials required for the program was carried out by HAL that had started last year is now moving to the Metal cutting stage and in fact, some of the metal cutting for the aircraft already has been done and the whole process will be completed by end of this year.

Deodhare confirmed that the Tejas Mk2 program is on schedule and CCP Virus situation in the country did not affect their work on the program. Tejas Mk2 will be a constellation of technologies that have already matured for Tejas Mk1 and AMCA Program and there won’t be a requirement of additional duration for the development of these technologies stressed Deodhare.

Deodhare said that 560 Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) and 5 Tier-I companies that have been part of the LCA-Tejas Mk1 eco-system are been engaged again for the Tejas Mk2 program since now they have gained expertise in this field. With the recent order of 83 Tejas Mk1A, the whole Private MSME sector that is part of the Tejas program will be further expanded to 700+ MSME companies that will also cater to the Tejas Mk2 program when it is ready for production in 2028.

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