At Defexpo 2018, it was confirmed that new upgraded Tejas MK1A will come with a Dual-Rack Pylons to carry two Close Combat Missiles (CCM) in a single weapon station their by increasing it firepower tremendously.

Weapons Stations 5 or 6 can be used for Dual-Rack Pylons in pure Air-to-Air Missions or only one Mixed Air-to-Surface and Air-to-Air Missions one pylon can be utilized for Dual-Rack Pylons.

Tejas MK1A will get Self Protection Jammer (SPJ) in a Pod mounted on the weapons station 5 or 6. Russian supplied R-73 will be main WVRAAM (Within Visual Range Air-to-Air Missiles ) for the MK1 variant and MK1A will also get ASRAAM. ASRAAM weighing 88kgs each and with a range of 50km is much lighter then Python-5 and also comes with improved range.

Isreali Python-5 WVRAAM was initially selected to be armed on Tejas MK1A but was dropped due to excessive vibration found while carrying out inflight trials of the missiles system on the aircraft.

I-Derby-ER with 100km range and India’s Astra with 75km range will be other two Air-to-Air missiles which will be part of the Tejas MK1A weapons load.

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