Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) is on its way to establish a third production line for the Tejas Fighter Jet by end of November later this year and which will be used to manufacture initially 18 Twin Seater LCA-Tejas Trainer variant which is part of 8 Trainer order that IAF has placed previously under Tejas Mk1 contract and 10 additional order soon to be placed under Tejas Mk1A contract, said a report filed by Mail today.

30,000 sq meters of HAL land have been used near Nekkundi to set up a third production line for the Tejas fighter jet which is equipped with structural assembly hangar, process shop, and sheet metal shop, among others.

The First Production line can manufacture 5 jets per annum and an erstwhile Kiran hangar has been converted into the second production line and is capable to produce three aircraft per year. The third Production line can manufacture 8 jets per annum from FY 2021-22 onwards and the first Two Twin Seater LCA-Tejas Trainer variant will be rolled by November 2021.

HAL also has offered to establish fourth Tejas Production line in its Nashik Unit which was previously used to make Sukhoi-30MKI locally under Russian license if IAF wanted a faster deliveries schedule which will take the production of Tejas Mk1A to 20 aircraft per annum if fourth production line is also activated by 2023 but IAF is yet to confirm need for fourth production line but it is possible that it might be used as production line for MWF-Tejas Mk2 in near future.

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