Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) proposed Twin Engine Deck Based Fighter (TEDBF) concept featuring twin engines to replace the Indian navy’s RAC MiG-29K fleet by 2040 was revealed at the recently concluded Aero India 2021. ADA for the first time also confirmed some of the basic specifications of the upcoming jet that shows new light into some of the capabilities that what Indian Navy is trying to get from its new carrier-based fighter jet.

Performance specifications released at Aero India 2021, gives the TEDBF a maximum take-off weight of 26tons that officially puts it into the upper-medium category class of jets, falling behind F-35C (32tons ) and F-18 E/F (30tons ), but since it doesn’t breach the 30-tonne mark to be classified as a Heavy category class of jets, it fair it is compared with jets that are in its class, as seen in the above chart.

TEDBF for better short take-off performance will be powered by GE’s F414IN engines that have a 98kN Wet Thrust that is also used on the F-18 E/F giving it one of the best thrust to weight ratio in its class. Since TEDBF will be replacing Mig-29K, which is operational on the aircraft carriers that TEDBF plans to be operated due to which it has a wingspan and height that’s slightly smaller than that of the Mig-29K even though it is slightly longer.

Rafale-M seems to be lagging in terms of paper specifications but is still a serious contender of the requirements of 36 jets that was reduced from initial 57 jets to supplement the Indian Navy’s Mig-29K fleet for its third aircraft carrier but it will depend if IAF can get Rafale to meet its requirements for 114 jets in near future and with no clarity on clearance for development of third aircraft carrier. it will be waiting and watch for time being.

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