Found among DRDO Tender documents while still making rounds on the deep world of Internet, above is a Schematics of what could be India’s submarine-launched ” Takshak ” heavy-weight torpedoes (HWTs) Project which have been under development from 2012 on wards.

Often referred in media has Submarine variant of India’s Ship based Varunastra heavyweight anti-submarine torpedo developed by Naval Science and Technological Laboratory of the DRDO for the Indian Navy. Takshak HWT can be dubbed as advance improved variant specifically customised and improved to meet challenging underwater operational requirements at great depths and pressure for Combat operations from a submarine.

Advancement in electric motor design and the battery will see the use of 300 KWs Silver Oxide Zinc (AgOZn) batteries while Varunastra has an electric propulsion system with multiple 250 KWs Silver Oxide Zinc (AgOZn) batteries. Which means it can go long range then Varunastra which could achieve 40 km range at speeds of 40 Kn.

With dimensions of 533 mm and with a length of 6.4 m, Takshak uses wire as a medium of communication between the torpedo and the firing Submarine If the wire breaks, Takshak would become an autonomous torpedo like its ship-launched variant and can operate up to a depth of 400 m.

Takshak has Ring Laser Gyro INS guidance and GPS based locating aid, a unique feature in contemporary torpedoes in the world.

Takshak is Indian Navy’s long awaited and much anticipated indigenous project which after induction of Varunastra torpedo last year into Indian Navy will see the light of day soon. while Indian Navy submarine fleet has been short of heavy-weight torpedoes for some time now due to procurement irregularities and corruption charges in tendering and selection process, Takshak going to trials soon will come as a relief for Indian Navy which is working on Submarine fleet expansion program for last few years.


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