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Days after Swathi Weapon Locating Radar was Inducted into Indian Army, Industrial sources have confirmed to that DRDO is planning to seek export clearance for two radars developed Indigenously in India from Ministry of Defence Soon.

Swathi and Arudhra Radars both have been inducted into Indian Army and Indian Air force respectively.

Swathi Weapon Locating Radar is coherent, electronically scanned C-band Phased array radar. Radar can automatically locate hostile artillery, mortars and rockets launchers. Radar can also track friendly fire to locate impact point of artillery fire to issue necessary corrections. Radar is designed to detect projectiles with small cross section across the battlespace horizon and has the capability to handle simultaneous fire from weapons deployed at multiple locations.

Radar helps neutralise hostile guns in the tactical battle space and also helps our own gun to be used for effective shelling on designated enemy targets. Radar has been developed for the Indian Army to substitute 20 American ANTPQ 37, Firefinder radars which were bought off the shelf to meet the immediate requirements during the Kargil War.

Arudhra Medium Power Radar has been indigenously developed by the LRDE and the first radar was handed over to Indian Air Force in 2011. Since then Arudhra orders has been steadily inducted in IAF. Arudhra is country’s first indigenous rotating active phased array multi-function radar with digital beam forming technology.

Radar covers 360 degrees in azimuth and is capable of performing volumetric surveillance to detect and track aerial targets up to 300-400 km in range and 30 km altitude. This radar can survive intense ECM environment and electromagnetic interference. It is integrated with a modern identification of friend or foe system to recognise enemy targets and its transportable by road, rail and air.

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