Under the Mid-Life Upgradation ” Super Sukhoi” program for the 150 Sukhoi-30MKI fighter aircraft, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has decided to equip them with two Wet hardpoints that will enable it to carry two drop tank carrying 1400 kgs of additional fuel. Sukhoi-30MKI has an Internal fuel carrying capacity of 9,640 kgs that gives it an enormous ferry range of 3000km due to which none of its 12 hardpoints had wet hardpoints.

Wet hardpoint is a general aeronautic term for the number of hardpoints that can also serve to carry external fuel tanks. The ability to carry two external drop tanks will enhance the ferry and combat radius of the Sukhoi-30MKI marginally but it will also reduce the need for mid-air refueling when participating in cross-continent air exercises with friendly airforce’s.

IAF’s ability to fight two-front war also relies heavily on the ability of the Sukhoi-30MKI that can be moved on two front whenever required.

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