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SOURCE: Express News Service

The problems associated with social media use is affecting even the pilots of Indian Air Force, according to Air Chief Marshal B S Dhanoa.

Speaking at the 57th annual conference by Indian Society of Aerospace Medicine, he said that sleep deprivation caused by social media usage late into the night was causing problems. A filter and check mechanism should be developed by aerospace medicine experts to prevent pilots with sleep deprivation from flying aircraft, he said.

He said that the problem was aggravated in summer months in regions where temperatures exceed 40 degree Celsius where pilots are expected to fly early morning sorties. “Since they have a briefing at 6 am in the morning, they have to sleep early. But, most get active on social media late (in the night)”, he said.

Sleep deprivation has caused accidents in the past, he said, referring to one reported at Uttarlai airbase in Rajasthan.

Human Space Programme

Earlier, Air Commodore Anupam Agarwal, Commandant, Institute of Aerospace Medicine, speaking on Human Space Programme said that India was faced with a unique challenge. “While other countries had a chance to send animals to space before the human space flight, our mission is complicated by the fact that we have to send humans first before animals,” he said.