In the Second set of evidence given by Indian Air Force to the Indian Government, contains complete flight path of the ill-fated F-16B/D which crossed the line of control and was later shot down by the Mig-21Bis flown by the Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman with a single R-73 Withing visual Range Heat seeking Missile.

Israeli manufactured Phalcon Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW) aircraft which was airborne even before 24 Pakistani jets were airborne had recorded signature of the F-16 pretty much early in its flight path and was monitoring it till the moment it crossed back LOC and was later shot down by the chasing Indian Mig-21Bis.

lAI-ELTA’s third generation ELW-2090 Active Electronic Steering Array (AESA), L-Band radar with 360° coverage onboard Phalcon (AEW&C) carries great threat library thanks to Israeli usage of F-16 which makes detection of F-16’s quite vulnerable to the radar system that it can even keep an eye on them even when there are great clusters of different types of aircrafts in operational in the region .

IAF from day one has claimed that it had the Radar Electronic Evidence to confirm that Pakistan lost one F-16 that day, it also knows what time and what flight path ill-fated F-16 took that day and exact location where it was shot down and how Mig-21 was able to home in an R-73 missile which once fired from close range ensures kill no matter what evasive action F-16 pilot might have taken that day .

Radar Electronic Evidence is already shared with Trump Administration and likely will be shared with major world powers like the UK, France, and Russia soon. Non-classified Data might also be provided to Strategic Think-tank institutes world around by IAF in near future also.

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