IAF recently has confirmed that nearly 4 to 5 AIM-120C-5 American beyond-visual-range air-to-air missile (BVRAAM) were fired at an single Indian Sukhoi-30MKI aircraft from fleeing F-16, which not only successfully evaded them but also managed to jam their radar lock making them from a guided missile to unguided rocket which not only lost its target but also crashed without taking out any target.

AIM-120C-5 missile is still a front-line Air-to-Air Missile system which is equipped on many fighter types produced by US defense contractors and in service with almost all NATO air-force along with United States Air force. Indian Su-30MKI deployed a combination of Jammers, Flares and Superior maneuverability of the aircraft to outclass the chasing missiles in a matter of few seconds of them begin fired by F-16.

Russian developed Sukhoi-30 fighter jet which not only outmaneuvered the missile but also was also successful in making them a dud rocket by active jamming in the air which surely will have alarm bells ringing in Pentagon, NATO and many Asian countries who rely heavily on such missiles to defend them self against other Sukhoi-30 operators in the region.

While India is a friendly country to USAF and other NATO forces, but PLAAF which operates a large fleet of Sukhoi-30 and their illegal copies and are always on loggerhead against them in the South China Sea or in other parts of the region where largely Sukhoi-30 variants are deployed.

While Chinese Su-30 variants are not technical as advance as Indian Su-30MKI but with the commencement of deliveries of Advance Su-35 fighters from Russia, it will be a matter of a few years before China will have the technology to defeat any BVRAAMs thrown by US-manufactured fourth-generation jets in possible conflict with them in near future.

According to old reports of US Airforce, it is more or less confirmed that in virtual simulations even older Su-27SM3 could dodge one or two BVRAAMS fired from long range by varieties of US operated fighter jets and also had a high rate of success for its own counter-attack. In simulations, Legacy Su-27SM3 not only outmaneuvered the US operated BVRAAMs but also gave it’s pilot a fighting chance to hit back. Indian Su-30MKI which comes with thrust vectoring control (TVC) engines and with superior Indian and Israeli Jammers not only have successfully outdone its self from the simulation results predicted by USAF but also might have created new headaches for Military planers all around the world.

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