­Pakistan on Monday successful test-fired a new ballistic Surface to Surface missile (SSM) Shaheen-3 capable of carrying nuclear, conventional warheads with a range of 2750 KMs. Shaheen-III according to the range is longest ranged missile developed by Pakistan.

Reaction in Pakistani media was of Euphoria of the new missile, Some News Anchor were seen saying ” India now will be forced to talk to Pakistan now on Kashmir “. Another Retired Military expert was seen saying that ” Now Pakistan can hit whole of India even their Northeastern frontiers, India cannot hide anywhere ” and other Retired military personnel commented. “It’s all a reaction to India, which has now gone even for tests of extra-regional missiles. .?.?. It sends a loud message: If you hurt us, we are going to hurt you back.”

While in India coverage of Pakistanis New ballistic missiles was limited to Print media and no coverage was seen on Television news channels. Talk to any Indian defense pundit he will immediate dismiss it as “No Game Changer ” for Pakistan like they want India to believe, it does not increase threat perception towards India nor creates imbalance in Missile technology race in South Asia , where India is far ahead of arch rival Pakistan in development of missile technology.

Pakistan claims that it is newly developed missile also seems dubious since, from Shaheen-II claimed range of 2500km to Shaheen-III claimed range of 2750km only brings in minor improvement in range, nor it has better payload carrying capability and missile seems more of improved variant of Shaheen-II . What is more Questionable is that It took Pakistan 11 years to develop Shaheen-III which only brings in minor range improvement and clearly doesn’t possess technologies to defeat Anti-Ballistic Missiles which India has developed.

Missile also does not improve Pakistani security Scenario or credible deterrence against India’s retaliation, Since India already has tested Medium range Submarine launch K-4 ballistic missiles which as range of 3500km and are close to being Integrated with its Nuclear submarines and development of Phase-II of India’s Anti-Ballistic Missiles program is seen as effort to take down missile fired from more than 5000km which will also cover present and future missiles developed by Pakistan.


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