India and US after renewed and enhanced Defense Framework Agreement have agreed to work on Joint development and Production of four key defense Projects and one of them is to enhance Indian air forces C-130J with specialized electronic intelligence kits called as “Senior Scout ” which is a Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) system.

Senior Scout, a pallet mounted communications and electronic intelligence system, built into a trailer-like container that can be rolled on and off C-130 aircrafts. Senior Scout container also accommodates operators who collect SIGINT (signals intelligence), ELINT (electronic intelligence) and COMINT (communications intelligence).

While Senior Scout system is a plug and use system, IAF’s C-130J will require some minor level of permanent modification to integrate antenna arrays which will be clipped onto the tail, paratroop doors, and main landing gear doors of C-130J aircrafts .

Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) system can configure standard C-130 aircraft for tactical signals intelligence, providing capabilities that exploit, geo-locate and report communications intelligence and signals of interest to the air and ground component commanders. Permanent modification required on aircraft is not time-consuming and can we completed in a weeks time in each aircraft according to Lockheed Martin and can be carried out at base level in India itself.

First Senior Scout system was fielded and was used in Operation Desert Storm in 1991. latest Senior Scout shelter has been enhanced to be structurally compatible with the newest C-130J aircrafts operated by IAF and System interfaces too were updated lately.

Senior Scout fills a distinct gap in Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) with its capability to exploit a growing number of low power tactical targets challenging India’s intelligence efforts. It provides near-real-time signal intelligence to war fighters operating in area and ground forces.