With Saab responding to Indian Navy issued, formal request for information (RFI) for 57 Multi-role Carrier-borne fighters (MRCBF) with an offer of Sea Gripen carrier-based fighter, ADA official close to has confirmed that development and testing time required for SAAB on Sea Gripen will be same for LCA Navy MK2 to become reality.

LCA Navy MK2 is still going through design optimisation and final design might be frozen by 2018 and a full-scale mockup of the LCA Navy MK2 will be ready by 2018 said ADA official.

ADA plans to start development of the first LCA Navy MK2 from 2019 onwards and orders for requisite raw materials have already been ordered by ADA to carry out its first flight by 2020-21.

With GE already commenced delivery of its F414 engine to India and with more to arrive in next few years, there will be enough engines to commence development of LCA Navy MK2 and LCA-Tejas MK2 in Parallel to conduct the first flight in the 2021-22 period.

LCA Navy MK2 will incorporate significant changes in design, Aerodynamics along with optimisation of landing gears & Arrester Hook system with integration of updated sensors, avionics and flight control system. LCA Navy MK2’s wings will be moved outboard by about 350mm which will increase space between fuselage and wings thus allowing 700kgs more fuel in the central fuselage which allows more flight durations.

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