According to the report prepared by the Sandeep Unnithan for MailToday, INS Arighat which is sister class ship of INS Arihant will be ready for induction in Indian Navy by mid of this year since it is nearing its sea trials while biggest technological achievement of the Indian Navy and to India’s nuclear triad will be that the Nuclear Ballistic missile submarine was only known by its Internal code name as S4 is ready for its sea trials by end of this year.

S4 is an entended Arihant class design that has twice the weapons carrying capability than the Arihant class. S4 can carry 8 K-4 SLBM with a range of 3500km or 24 K-15 SLBM with a range of over 800km in its 8 vertical launch tubes.

As per the report, S4 sister class ship called S4* (Star) will be ready for sea trials by 2022 and induction by 2024. S4 and S4* will be SSBMs which largely will be getting K-4 and K-5 SLBM missiles, while Arighat and Arihant will be limited to shorter K-15 SLBMs. K-5 SLBM is a new missile which is yet to be tested and reportedly has a range of 5000km, while DRDO already got approvals to design and develop K-6 SLBM which has a range of 8000km with MIrV Weapons payload to be armed on S5 Class Nuclear Ballistic missile submarines which India plans to construct after completion of S4*.

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