Russia recently tested 9M83M surface to air missile which is one of the Interceptor missiles of the S-400 Air Defence system against a simulated target of a short-range ballistic missile at its maximum range of 400km. Many defense analysts see this as the first technical verification of the 9M83M Interceptor missile at its indeed maximum range of 400 km for clients like India which has recently placed orders for the air defense system.

Russia has confirmed that the deliveries of the S-400 surface-to-air missile systems to India will be done by the end of 2021, India had signed a $5bn deal for S-400 missiles in 2018, drawing warnings from the United States that such an acquisition would trigger sanctions as part of a wider program against Russia.

S-400 Air Defence system which consists of four missiles in an individual container is made of 9M96E: 40 km, 9M96E2: 120 km, 48N6: 250 km and 9M83M: 400km and India have placed orders for S400 which are only made up of 48N6: 250 km and 9M83M: 400km missile interceptors so first simulated demonstration of the 9M83M at its maximum intercept range of 400 km is quite an important event for the India which is looking at the system to destroy aircraft, cruise, and ballistic missiles, including medium-range missiles at a distance of 400 km and an altitude of up to 30 km.

China reportedly has opted for 9M96E2: 120 km, 48N6: 250 km, and somewhat 9M83M is exclusive to India for the time being while many more countries are also interested in the missile system.

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