Defense Ministry of Russia reportedly has offered India its latest TOS-2 ‘Tosochka’ heavy flamethrower vehicles for defeating enemy personnel in fortifications at recently concluded Defence Expo 2020. TOS-2 (the R&D work ‘Tosochka’) is a derivative of the TOS-1A ‘Solntsepyok’ heavy flamethrower system with improved performance characteristics. As compared to its predecessor, it is mounted on the wheeled chassis.

According to Russian designers, the heavy flamethrower systems are intended to destroy light-armor vehicles, incapacitation of the personnel deployed on open spaces or in shelters, initiate fires and smokescreens by smoke/incendiary munitions. TOS-2 are armed with fuel-air explosive munitions that use spraying of combustible material and explosion of the formed gas cloud. In terms of power, they are compared with midget tactical nuclear munitions, though they have no radiation effect. 

TOS-2 is a close-range weapon system that can be used against unconcealed and concealed positions. According to, TOS-2’s maximum action effect of unguided missiles in thermobaric equipment could be reached in the mountainous area because of blast wave mutual apposition and their multiple reflections from surrounding rocks, causing of ground taluses, stone blockages. 

With a range of 3.5km to 10km, Russians see this as an effective offensive weapons system for deployment in the mountainous area of Line of control against Pakistani forces who in their bid to push terrorists into the Indian side of Kashmir, provide cover fire and target Indian posts regularly. With TOS-2 now coming mounted on a wheeled chassis, mobility in high mountains will not be an issue since its predecessor TOS-1A was mounted on T-72 chassis. 


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