United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) offered to throw in Igor Belousov rescue ship in a package at a special offer price to India if it agrees to procure six next-generation conventional diesel submarines under Project-75I tender floated by Indian Navy.

Russia has offered India its Project 1650 Amur Class conventional submarine with Full Transfer of Technology along with undisclosed help in the construction of Six Nuclear attack submarine.

Igor Belousov rescue ship is designed to assist emergency crews of submarines in case of an accident and Indian Navy ever since Russian-origin Kilo-class submarine INS Sindhurakshak sank in the Mumbai Naval Dockyard in 2013 as shown keen interest in acquiring such assets and Russian lead Igor-Belousov-Class Rescue ship had visited India in 2016 and its capabilities were demonstrated to the select few officials of the Indian Navy.

Igor Belousov has a displacement of 5000 tonnes and is equipped with advanced technologies for deep submergence navy emergency service vehicles. The ship is also equipped with Panther Plus Remotely piloted underwater vehicle and can supply the stricken vessels with the air, electricity and life-saving equipment.


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