M Venkaiah Naidu, Vice President of India, visited DRDO’s Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Missile Complex in Hyderabad on 25th Jan’2021 of last month, where he inaugurated the Integrated Weapon System Design Centre and was also briefed about the various ongoing projects. In one of the pictures that were made available on the official Twitter handle of the DRDO was a strange-looking missile that should have spiked interests, the world over by Indian defense watchers.

The partly exposed missile in the picture is now confirmed to be India’s upcoming RudraM-II air-to-surface missile with conventional warheads with an operational range of 300km+. RudraM-II will be the second edition in the RudraM family, with RudraM-I being the first missile in the family that weighs 600kg and has an operational range of 200km.

RudraM-I already has been tested multiple times from the Sukhoi-30MKI fleet and more tests wait before it enters production in the next few months. RudraM-I is designed as an air-to-surface anti-radiation missile that can be launched from a range of altitudes with large standoff distances for destroying enemy surveillance radars, tracking, and communication systems.

RudraM-II seems to be an upgraded air-to-surface missile with 800kg weight and range up to 300km to be used for destroying heavy fortified military installations and facilities. DRDO also is developing RudraM-IIA, which seems to be offset coming out of the RudraM-II Program with different warheads and with different intended roles.

DRDO is also working on RudraM-III, which will be a 1ton hypersonic aero-ballistic missile, carrying conventional warheads with a range of over 500km+. RudraM-III will cruise at Mach 5 and can be used to destroy hardened nuclear facilities, fortified military installations, or for anti-ship roles. details of RudraM-III are yet to be out but many had identified the above mystery missile as RudraM-III at first but it has been confirmed to be RudraM-II instead.

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