Director General Alexander Mikheev of Rosoboronexport speaking to the media has confirmed that Indian officials have visited their factory and were shown the equipment (S-400) at the production plant and design bureau.

Rosoboronexport also confirmed that company has demonstrated S-400 system both infield and range conditions to Indian officials successfully. When asked about why the deal was yet to concluded with India, he said that Rosoboronexport is still holding technical consultation with Indian officials and based on Indian feedback final agreement will be drafted.

Defence experts Ranesh Rajan to feels that Indian specific changes might have been requested from Russia which could be one of the reasons why Intergovernmental agreements on S-400 which was concluded between India and Russia in October 2016 is yet to reach final agreement stage.

Russians have been highly protective on the export of S-400 Air Defence System which is considered among best Air-Defence system in the world. According to the Russian media reports, an export version of S-400 supplied to China and soon to be supplied to Turkey and India will not be easy to reverse engineered to develop local copy.

India’s DRDO is reportedly developing XRSAM Air Defence System which will have an Interceptor Air defense missile system with a range of 250km which will evolve into S-400 Air Defence System over the years. India’s XRSAM will be fall in between S-400 and MR-SAM System.

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