A Middle East based magazine Breaking Defense has reported that Egypt is now eying additional orders of Rafale F4 and are looking to increase the number to 72 or 100 units by 2030, depending on Egypt’s financial capacity in next few years . Egyptian Air Force also operates 5 Russian Su-35 fighter jets and has placed orders for 21 more and according to the Breaking Defense, it claims that Egyptian Air Force are mighty impressed with the Rafale after Russian Su-35s radar failed repeatedly when the Su-35 played a role of aggressor against Rafale F3R.

Rafale’s powerful Spectra Electronic warfare suite not only attacked but also jammed Su-35 BAR phased array radar successfully multiple times, rendering Su-35 blind in the sky, later following it up being shot down by the Rafale in mock Beyond visual range dogfights.

Egypt’s military has confirmed it has placed orders for 30 Rafale jets from French defence firm Dassault Aviation to shore up “national security”. It has 24 in its air force fleet and 30 more will be added by 2024-26 but Egyptian Air Force now wants to procure as much as 72 or 100 units after impressive performance in the Dissimilar air combat training (DACT) with the Russian jets.

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