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The Problematic Fifth Series Production Tejas aircraft LCA-Tejas-SP-5 has started ground level testing in anticipation of its first maiden flight by end of this month as per latest media report. LCA-Tejas-SP-5 was first aircraft coming out of the second production line and was facing technical issues due to workmanship issues leading to suspended ground trials a few months back.

Latest reports hint that issues with the aircraft has been resolved and HAL Team is hopeful that it will be cleared to carry out its first flight by end of this month.

Due to technical issues with SP-5, later SP-6 and SP-7 carried out their first flight before SP-5 in the series and HAL is also fixing production issues with the second production line so that it can start delivery of 8 aircrafts for FY2018-19 leading to 16 aircrafts after that.

HAL has promised to complete development of three more aircrafts SP-9, SP-10 and SP-11 aircrafts by end of March 2018.

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