Pakistan based ” Kashmir Media Service” website which is dedicated to Pro-Pakistan propaganda on the Indian side of Kashmir claims that the Modi regime wants to change the Muslim majority status of Kashmir by Taking advantage of COVID-19 lockdown, the Modi government has promulgated domicile laws. Granting of domicile to over 300,000 Indians is part of its nefarious plan. Pakistan’s new terror group for Kashmir ‘The Resistance Front’ (TRF) a few days ago had announced threatened to kill non-Kashmiris if they try to settle down in Kashmir under the new domicile law of the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

As per the new law, any person who has resided in J&K for 15 years will be eligible for the domicile certificate. A student who has studied for seven years and passed Class 10 or Class 12 in the Union Territory of J&K can also apply for the domicile certificate. But Pakistan based Terror outfits and Pakistani Media have been quite nervous about the new domicile law and many Intel reports suggest that Notorius Spy agency ISI has advised Terror groups to target Indians living in Kashmir from other states to claim its local uprising against India’s settlement plans.

Pakistani Retired Military Panelist has been making statements in Media debates that India is working on the ” Israeli model ” and soon will start settling Hindu / RSS Activities in the Valley to carry out Demographic change in the Valley which is 99% Muslim population. Five Indian migrant laborers from India’s state of West Bengal all who also happened to be Muslims themselves were killed by Pakistan backed Terror groups in the Katrasoo village of Kulgam last year.

Pakistan based ” Kashmir Media Service” which is operated from Islamabad has 72.6% Traffic from Pakistan and 22.5% Traffic from India and is easily reachable and is not blocked in India for spreading Pro-Pakistani propaganda on Indian Kashmir like dozen other websites operated by Pakistan’s.


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