Indian political leaders, traditionally, were misers in using the Pro-active action and/or Military option, even when warranted. This, even though earned us a label of “Country that stands for peace”; if you analyse in the macro level, were counterproductive most of the time.

Due to this irrational & paranoid aversion for Pro-active action / Military option, even when unavoidable; had led to numerous and substantial setbacks economically, politically, militarily etc. Some of them plague us even today. Maldives itself is a very good example. It is time for us to learn from history and avoid repeating mistakes in the past.

When Mohamed Nasheed, Maldives’ first democratically-elected President, was unlawfully ousted in 2012, India kept mum. This eventually led to Abdulla Yameen being elected as the President. Though he pretended to be India’s friend in the beginning, he later dumped India for China. Thus India had an unnecessary security complication right in its doorstep.

When all important factors regarding both Military & Foreign Affairs is analysed in depth, it is best for us to send in the Indian Army and restore Democracy in the island nation. Not much protest will arise, either domestically in Maldives or in the International arena, other than China, which is quite expected.

Another factor that is in India’s favour is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s strong rapport with world leaders.

The people of Maldives may solve this problem themselves by staring a violent mass agitation to overthrow the defiant President Abdulla Yameen. Maybe the Indian security establishment is waiting just for that. But let me remind that it will not serve the expected strategic purpose for us, to put it mildly.

Strategically for India, it is imperative to send in our Army as early as possible, and throw out an illegal President, which is a just action anyway. The other option is not as beneficial for either the people of Maldives or India. It will also teach a good lesson for those who want to play the China card against India.

Same as it is not advisable to start an unnecessary war, it is not right to shun away from a military option, when the situation demands. As in the case of Maldives.


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