Taiwan designed submarine Model

Taiwan’s Two Decade old search to replace the 70-year-old US built World War II Hai Shih (ex-USS Cutlass) and Hai Pao (ex-USS Tusk) has finally ended with no results and now Republic of China (Taiwan) Navy has decided that since No country is willing to sell them Conventional submarine due to Chinese pressure they have decided to build their own diesel-electric submarines now.

Taiwan which is under constant threat from of invasion by mainland China which just lies 120 miles from its shore needs modern conventional submarines to break any blockade which might be imposed by China or for defensive roles in event of war to stand up against mighty Chinese Naval fleet.

Taiwan has sort help from Russia, Japan, France, and Germany to acquire submarine technology required by them to develop their own diesel-electric submarines but many countries in fear of retaliatory economic action by China have already said no to transfer and sale of critical submarine technologies required to build its own fleet of Submarines.

The United States which wants to desperately help Taiwan to build modern conventional submarines is looking at convincing few countries to share such technology since US Navy which is all Nuclear Submarine force doesn’t have the critical technology required for developing conventional submarines.

Taiwan has sorted help in Five Critical technologies required to develop its own ingenious conventional submarine fleet in next 10 years. 1 ) submarine periscope 2) submarine Sonar suite 3) Air-independent propulsion (AIP) 4) Diesel engine 5) Torpedo tube.

Interestingly India’s DRDO is currently developing its own submarine periscope and Air-independent propulsion systems for its conventional submarines and already has developed Torpedo tube and submarine Sonar suite technology for its Nuclear and later to be used to upgrade its conventional submarine fleet of Rusian origin.

India has almost all the pieces of technology which Taiwan requires to put together its own fleet of modern conventional diesel submarine fleet and at this point of time Government of Taiwan diplomatically could have already asked India for help but there is no official confirmation to this, but India helping Taiwan will no doubt have it own conscious and even a retaliation from China but India should also remember how China is arming and providing Pakistan 8 submarines to challenge Indian Navy’s dominance of Arabian sea and the Indian Ocean but also has provided Two Submarines to Bangladesh .

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