Poeir Jets Private Limited subsidiary of INTECH DMLS Pvt Ltd has made a foray in the field of development of Gas Turbine based Turbo Jet Engines and Turbo Shaft Engines. The company which was born only in 2016 already has developed MJE (Micro Jet Engine )-20 which is a Jet engine with a thrust of 20 Kgf which will be used for an UAV and R/C model aircraft, according to company officials at Aero India 2017, Engine currently is under testing.

Poeir Jets officials also informed that they are already carrying out Research to develop more powerful MJE 40 (40 Kgf), MJE 100 (100 kgf), MJE 130 (130 kgf) and SJE-350 (1350 kgf) thrust class jet engine which can be used from Small manned aircraft to medium sized unnamed aerial vehicles .

Poeir Jets also confirmed that MJE 40 and MJE 100 have been designed and developed indigenously and is currently it is been prepared to carry out scheduled testing this month. The company is also interested in making Manned & Unmanned Helicopter Engines.

The company plans to develop Turbo Shaft Engines with a power output of 35KW,70KW, 100 KW, 150 KW, 200 KW, 250 KW & 500 KW which are presently under preliminary design stages for small unmanned and manned Helicopters.

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