India recently carried out tests of the Enhanced Pinaka Mk-1 that was seen with different Ring Type Fuze section when compared to the older model, leading to speculation that it was much more tailored now for Mountain warfare and to also take out concrete structures with penetration warhead. Pinaka Mk-1 Enhanced also brings in various improvements in the 2-decade old Mk1 design to improve an already proven weapons system which now will replace the older variant that was in production until now.

Pinaka Mk-1 Enhanced has the same 214mm Calibre as its predecessor but is shorter by 156mm in length but gains 2.6kgs in weight but it still can carry a 100kg PF, RHE, DPICM warhead. Pinaka Mk-1 Enhanced now comes with a 45km range which is over 7.5km more than its predecessor and also has 5 years additional shelf life.

Pinaka Mk-1 Enhanced does carry 11kg additional propellant to extract an extended range but with an overall rocket weight gain of only 2.6kgs, this also shows improvements of the Rockets internal components and electronics. Pinaka Mk-1 also now features six flat fins (WAF) for improved free flight trajectory for improved accuracy of the rocket.

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