Defence Ministry Manohar Parrikar has done it again , first ever Indo-Japan Defence deal for the supply of ShinMaywa developed US-2 amphibious aircraft will get 10 % discount after Parrikar didn’t agree on the earlier price.

Well-informed sources close to in past had confirmed that Parrikar had blocked the purchase of US-2 amphibious aircraft after he found it to be too pricey and also removed it from the Indian Navies list of weapons systems need to be purchased on urgent basis.

Japan under pressure has now agreed to reduce $133 million per aircraft to around $113 million , which is now agreeable to Parrikar and final agreement on it might be inked soon.

India will be building 15 US-2 amphibious aircraft for operation in Indian ocean Region for Search and rescue operations and will also be used to protect islands in Bay of Bengal which is not easier to reach . US-2 will also be used to supply of spares in event of Indian Naval ships breakdowns in mid-sea or in the evaluation of Naval personnel from Ships in event of medical emergencies .


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