Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar informed Parliamentarians recently that ” “The ball is in France’s court, and Dassault have to confirm if they agree to our terms since India will Stick to RFP Clauses and have refused to compromise on terms and conditions .

While Indian Air force repeatedly has told Ministry of Defence and Defense minister that they have “No Plan B ” if MMRCA deal collapses, without Such backup plans given by IAF, Parrikar is already working on his own Plan B according to officials.

Parrikar wants to get FGFA ahead of schedule and wants an early agreement with Russians on this , India and Russia are working together to draft Final contract so that work can start on FGFA and India might also agree to buy first lot of Pak-Fa Single seater Russian variant if MMRCA deal is not finalised .

While IAF is not in favour of additional Sukhoi-30 over Rafale, Parrikar is left with two choice said Defence expert Vinayak Shetty, One is to open Second Production line for Tejas MK-II 2020 onwards so that at least 24 aircrafts are produced each year, IAF is also in favour of Second production line for Tejas MK-II which can produce 8 aircrafts from second line so that 24 aircrafts can be produced each year , but IAF is not able to convince Private players for second production line since IAF still cannot commit orders for Second production line .

if we are looking at replacing Migs in 1 to 1 ratio then IAF will require close to 400 MK-II aircrafts said Vinayak Shetty, even with two production line it will take a decade just to produce 240 aircrafts, then there is always chance that technology will be outdated midway in production, IAF have to put final figure for MK-II or commit higher aircrafts for second production line with scope for developing MK-3 variants.

Second option which Parrikar has already talked about is to increase orders for Su-30 which is already produced in India with ” Super 30 upgrade package ” so that IAF too is on-board such arrangement which will provide improvements in Avionics and radar to keep technology and aircraft relevant for next few decades to come till FGFA takes over in numbers .