Paris Air Show 2019 started with a bang when Two Next-Generation fighter mock-ups were revealed to the world for the first time and created a buzz high enough that it stole the limelight from other aircraft at the premier air show. Turkish Aerospace showcased a full-scale mockup of TF-X, a fifth-generation fighter, and French-German-Spanish team showcased a scale model of New Generation Fighter (NGF) which will replace Dassault Rafale and Euro-fighter Typhoon in the near future in their respected founder airforce fleet.

TF-X is a Turkish indigenous design of the fifth-generation fighter mock-up on display at the Paris Air Show 2019. While not much of the technical capabilities of the aircraft has been disclosed at this point of time but a look at the mock-up on the display has a long sleek nose, twin tails which make it looks like a 5th generation fighter which has been designed with stealth in mind.

Recent threats of Washington pulling Turkey out of the F-35 program due to the purchase of the S-400 system from Russia has fast-tracked the program and according to the Turkish Aerospace CEO Prof. Temel Kotil at the Paris Air Show 2019, said that the first aircraft will fly by 2025 and will enter service by 2028 and will be best in Europe, will that happen or not is yet to be seen but TF-X already has been offered to old friend Pakistan which is currently evaluating between Chinese J-31 and Turkish TF-X 5th generation program.

French aerospace giant Dassault Aviation and European defense have joined hands to develop New Generation Fighter (NGF) program which has been backed by French-German-Spanish government and will go on to replace Dassault Rafale and Eurofighter Typhoon in their respected air force and will be also offered to countries currently operating them.

New Generation Fighter will be from the ground up a new fighter jet which will also have new engines which are yet to be developed and will remain in Demonstrator Phase at least till 2025 before actual work on the first prototype begins. NGF will be a no tail fin, swept W-shaped wing design that incorporates highly advanced stealth technologies and comes with the integration of highly advanced information systems which many believe will put it above current any 5th generation fighter jets like F-35, even though it has not been called as 6th Generation fighter jet.

New Generation Fighter is likely to enter production phase from 2032-35 onwards and many in India believe that it is likely to be offered to India to get a founder export customer onboard after BAE System proposed stealth fighter aircraft ” Tempest” was offered to India. While both programs will go critical only after 2030 which is over a decade from now but at some point of time is already on offer or will be offered to the arch-rivals in South Asia but only time will tell if they make it.

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