The Maharashtra ATS arrested an employee of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) with its Ojhar unit in Nashik for allegedly supplying information on aircraft including that of SU-30 aircraft which are manufactured there. According to media, the 41-year old employee of the state-owned aerospace and defense company was honey-trapped into sharing information, “on Indian fighter aircraft and their sensitive details, along with the information related to HAL, it’s unit at Ojhar and the prohibited areas inside the manufacturing unit to the ISI.

According to the Industrial sources close to Pakistan Air Force (PAF) and Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence are obsessed about India’s Sukhoi-30MKI fighter jets and have been trying to find details about how one of the Sukhoi-30 aircraft was able to dodge a volley of AIM-120C5 AMRAAM which was fired by PAF F-16s.

PAF and ISI have been particularly interested in finding out details and functioning of the advanced Israeli avionics and electronic warfare systems like that of Elta EL/M-8222 Self Protection Jamming Pod which was instrumental in jamming and dodging one of the most advanced Air to Air Missiles in the PAF F-16 Inventory. While PAF continues to propagate that it had indent shot down a Su-30MKI in the Indian side of Kashmir last year, but has failed to provide any credible proof like that of electronic and physical evidence but, the PAF Top Management is not so conceived about it but had awarded a medal to the pilot based on his word, so ISI has been trying to gather information from India. can confirm that ISI agents in Cyberspace have been trying to piece together a convincing story about a Su-30MKI Kill and has been trying to find Tail and Serial numbers of all the Su-30MKI jets manufactured by HAL and use it as propaganda against India. DGISPR Paid trolls on Social media platforms have been pushing that, 12 Su-30MKI ordered by IAF is to be seen as an admission of 12 Loss of Su-30MKI by IAF, that includes one which was allegedly shot down by PAF. but, records show that only 10 Su-30s have crashed since its induction in 2001 that includes one which was owned by HAL.

The arrested employee might have provided technical system information and how they function but it is difficult to demonstrate or mimic such capabilities, which in turn makes it difficult for rivals to defeat such system even if they have some system info with them said Industrial source to

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