Clearly, under pressure in Baluchistan, the ISI, the intelligence wing of the Pakistani army, has purchased 4 Wing Loong I unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVS from China. This will be for what Pakistan says, is part of ‘counter-insurgency’ operations in the troubled province. Along with the UAVs, will come several earth stations and a Chinese technical team.

This is clear evidence of Pakistan, particularly the ISI realizing that the situation could slip out of control in Baluchistan. In fact, while the Wing Loongs, developed by the Aviation Industry Corporation of China, have ‘long-endurance’ –¬†which means that they can be in the air for surveillance purposes for a long while, they can also carry weapons, particularly air-to-surface rockets.

Pakistan has never been slow to use sophisticated weaponry against its own civilians. This includes using the Pakistan Air Force, which was first used in Baluchistan in the Seventies  

Besides, China has gifted two more modern Wing Loong-2 UAVs along with ground stations and air-to-ground weapons to go with them. China will also provide other equipment and technical assistance.