Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI is engaged in a conspiracy to carry out terrorist operations in order to spread unrest in Punjab. According to a report by Indian security agencies, it has planned to attack leaders associated with the right-wing in Punjab as well as people associated with some Hindu organizations.

In order to carry out this nefarious plan, it has contacted gangsters and criminals in jails of Punjab. According to an official associated with central security, the ISI has stepped up its activities in Punjab in the last few days. The ISI, through its handlers in Punjab, has approached two fugitive gangsters as well as three criminals jailed in Punjab and given them the task of killing some leaders associated with the Hindu organization.

According to security agencies, the ISI wants to spoil the communal atmosphere in Punjab through such target killings. Intelligence agencies also alerted the Punjab Police a few months ago about a similar threat. Pakistan’s ISI is engaged in supplying arms through drones in Punjab with the help of Khalistani terrorists. In the last few months, the Punjab Police and the Border Security Force (BSF) have detained several gangs and terrorists who were found involved in the conspiracy of drones.

According to intelligence agencies, Pakistan’s ISI and Khalistani terrorists have been asked to work together to intensify their terrorist activities in India. Recently, a similar report by the intelligence agencies had said that Pakistan has ‘Kashmir Khalistan Referrendam Front’ i.e. Kashmir Khalistan

A new group named ‘Referendum Front (KKRF)’ has been formed, in which efforts are also being made to join the Khalistani supporters and Kashmiri separatists living abroad. Pakistan is engaged in strengthening these groups through Pakistan High Commissions and embassies located in countries like the UK, Canada and USA.

Plan K-2 for Khalistani terrorists and Kashmiri terrorists living in Pakistan: For this, Pakistan’s ISI has organized several rounds of meetings between these terrorists. In order to deal with this threat coming from Pakistan and to curb the growing terrorism in Punjab, the Ministry of Home Affairs is considering setting up a Joint Counter Operation Center in Punjab. The teams of NIA, RAW, IB, Punjab Police and Counter Terror will be included in the Joint Counter Operation Center.