The Netflix movie on the life and tenure of retired IAF officer Gunjan Saxena has been roiled by controversy since the release of its trailer in India but also seems to have triggered some of the Hardcore fans of the Pakistanis military establishments after it was trending as No 1 watched movies in recent times in Netflix Pakistan across the border.

Pakistanis took to micro-blogging site Twitter to shame fellow countrymen for watching a movie based on Kargil war, others wondered how many of the common Pakistani has Netflix connections in Pakistan to be ashamed off since the majority of them have not watched it. Many said that only a small percentage of super Elite have money to pay for the subscription of Netflix Pakistan, but many might have downloaded it from the Internet which is pretty rampant on Bollywood movies after Ban by the Pakistani government.

Pakistani Broadband penetration is less than 30% and Netflix subscriptions in Pakistan costs 1500 per month

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