The creation of Pakistan in 1947 was a disaster of human civilization. It was born to stab India in the guise of modern era Ghazni & Ghoris whom we consider as Jihadists. Pakistanis always have a motive to bleed India through thousands cuts & occupy the crown of Delhi for Ghazwa-e-Hind to book direct flight to Heaven for 72 Virgins. the nation of 200 million who eat grass, donkey meat & lives on begging money or so-called aids are now-a-days dreaming to confront with a muscular nation of 1.35 billion population. Pakistani Punjabi attitude of insolvency & flippancy are not gone to change until unless India cut them into 4 pieces & make them landlocked.

Generally, Pakistani Punjab is the core of Anti-India & Anti-Hindu propaganda. The best way to examine these sentiments is YouTube. On one hand, Pakistanis are putting all blames on India for failure of their nation while on the other hand they are rendering reaction videos on India centric info to earn money through google AdSense. They are unable to acknowledge the failure of their nation which left only option for them to abase India. After coming of Modi gov in 2014, Pakistani seem to have shared a great chemistry with our PM. Thanks to PM MODI, India has made Pakistan economically & diplomatically isolated in international arenas & let their army to bear more causalities if a single bullet fires against India on LOC.

When it comes to YouTube, Pakistanis cross all limits to talk about Aman-Ki Asha , Cricket matches, Bollywood movies & becomes a nicest kid like they are messenger of peace. But I pointed out a common thing after watching over 50 such public reaction videos of Pakistanis about India. Every Pakistani Punjabi Muslim considers Indian Muslims as Pakistani by heart & shows middle finger to Hindus who are murdering Muslims in Kashmir & in the rest of the country. They also have a biased hatred curriculum towards Hindus which I don’t wish to explain here.But they all want good relation with India due to Indian Muslims, not of Non-Muslims of India which constitutes 85% of Indian population.

One Pakistani Lady told in a Reaction video that She doesn’t like India but likes her relatives living in Delhi. Another young lady told, she hates Hindus but like Indian Muslims. A 30-year old male expressed, he would love to visit India if Katrina Kaif wishes to marry him, otherwise he has no intention to visit such Kafir Nation. As 99% of these reactions are from Pakistani Punjab, I also find out some Pakistani Punjabi’s who threaten to nuke India like they have nuclear trigger in their hand.So, there are many such instances where you will find Pakistanis portraying Indian Muslims as their APNE while Indian Hindus as their JANNI DUSMAN. Finally, I came with a conclusion that the entire Pakistani Punjab Muslim society is highly radicalized & devoted to follow the roadmap of the murders like Muhammad-bin-Qasim& Khilji. Therefore, the existence of Pakistani Punjab is not in the Interest of India. India need to wipe out the entire Pakistani Punjabi Muslim Population during the war by ignoring Human right concerns. Once upon a time in European parliament, when Our late former President Dr kalam got the applause from EU MPs with his stunning speech where he mentioned ‘if there is order in the nation, there is peace in the world’. That’s why, It’s the duty of us to ensure the justice to Baloch, Sindhis, Shias, Ahmadiyyas & Pakthuns by breaking Pakistani into 4 pieces while leading 5th part that is Pakistani Punjab to Annihilation.

If anyone thinks, I am spreading hatred towards Pakistani General Population. Then remember one thing that Pakistani army also belongs to this population. They carry out all type of terrorist attacks from 1993 train bomb blast to Uri base attack in India with the help of their public who let their sons to join terror groups & wage jihad against India. These people support their state sponsored terrorism in India & always stand by their army. You may find some liberal people in cities like Lahore, Islamabad. But we can’t risk our billion population for some hundreds of individuals. So, by giving clean chit to Pakistani public wouldn’t be so appropriate. Guess what, when one of the tyres of your vehicle cracks, THEN IT NEEDS REPLACEMENT, NOT REPAIRING.Pakistan is a deception who is spreading the venom of Radical Islam initiated by Saudi Arab. And its Punjab province is the home to over 11 Crore Poisonous snakes & they deserves to get eliminated, otherwise the whole Subcontinent will suffer what Afghanistan has been facing for last five decades.

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