Pakistani media lately has been keenly following statements made by Vipin Narang about possible change in India’s no first use Nuclear policy, statement and reaction made by Pakistani media suggest alteration of India’s no first nuclear policy regarding Pakistan in event of any future conflict shows nervousness on India gaining upper Hand in nuclear arms race in South Asia.

News of India creating a Counterforce nuclear doctrine was first suggested by previous NSA Shivshankar Menon in his book. Change in nuclear strategy hinted India will develop a Counterforce to take out Pakistani nukes in event of conditions where India thinks Pakistan will be using its nuclear weapons against India.

Unpredictability in India’s nuclear doctrine against Pakistan especially India’s no first use nuclear policy has created a dilemma in Pakistani military establishment which is voicing its opinion through its media. Pakistani military counter doctrine of developing tactical nukes to stop India from ever implementing cold start doctrine, always relied on India’s NFU policy to prevent India from ever going on a small scale war with Pakistan.

India’s Counterforce nuclear doctrine will go after Pakistan’s nuclear strategic weapons rather than tactical nuclear warheads in doing so might even use nuclear weapons to neutralise the current stock of nuclear inventory. Change instance by India and lack of clarification by the government of India suggest that India’s no first use policy has been eroded to deflate Pakistan’s policy of using tactical nuclear warheads against invading Indian Army.

Shifting of goal post by India in its no first use nuclear policy will force Pakistan to develop credible second strike capability is which in turn will force him to spend more on the nuclear deterrence capabilities she is it is more or less now clear that India will be going after Pakistani military infrastructure and command if it believes Pakistan will be using Nukes against India.


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