Pakistani Analysts have criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan for not openly supporting China after clashes with India in Galwan Valley of Ladakh. analyst in the televised debate said that ” Khan Saab has time to poke Modi on Indian Lockdown measures but is silent on twitter regarding support to China on Galwan Valley clash with India”. , another panelist said that provoking India at this time when temperatures are high can be counterproductive for Pakistan and it can backfire as Modi might order strikes in Pakistan due to which Khan is mum on this matter.

Another panelist argued that if Pakistan doesn’t stand with China at this moment when it is facing global isolation due to the COVID-19 situation it will also stay away from Pakistan in any possible conflict with India in the future.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi who is Minister of Foreign Affairs supported the Chinese regime and called India has the aggressor in the recent clashes in Galwan Valley, while most of the other ministers of the Imran Khan government including PM himself have chosen to remain mum on the issue on orders of Pakistani establishment who doesn’t want to become India’ punching bag.


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