Pakistan-ISI stooge Zaid Hamid on Sunday indulged in fear-mongering in the country after he claimed that the Pakistani government was planning to forcibly vaccinate the entire nation against COVID-19, claiming that it was ‘poison’.

Furthering his anti-vaxxers propaganda, Hamid said that the government was planning to first inject the entire Pakistan army with the ‘poison’ and then forcibly vaccine the citizens in the country. He added that its implications and side-effects would ‘destroy generations’, calling the vaccine was ‘a dangerous experiment’.

‘It is based on nanotechnology and gene altercation and DNA modification transhumanism experimentation….’ (sic) read the stooge’s gibberish Twitter post.

Stooge’s account blocked in India
Last year, Twitter blocked ISI-backed Pakistani stooge Zaid Zaman Hamid’s account in India following Republic Media Network’s persistent reportage and an official complaint to the social media networking giant against propagandist handles like his.

During and after the sensitive period following the abrogation of Article 370, Pakistani Twitter handles like that of Hamid’s spread posts and videos riddled with malice against India. One such video distorted content from Republic TV’s show and tried to malign the channel and paint an untruthful version of how Indians felt for Kashmiris and J&K.