Pakistan is very much keen on acquiring the Russian Air Defense System after repeated poor performance of the Chinese medium-range LY-80/HQ-16 air defense systems. In response to India procuring an S-400 air defense system from Russia, In the past, Pakistan has approached Russia and has requested the sale of S-300 Air Defense System, when it was denied it requested for sale of Buk-M2, what interesting is that LY-80/HQ-16 is a Chinese copy of the same missile system.

Pakistan has been seen testing the Chinese FD-2000 which is an export variant of the HQ-9 long-range surface-to-air missile to consolidate its LY-80/HQ-16 air defense system but is not impressed by the range that the missile offers which has been cut down to just 125km for an aircraft sized target from 200km for the Chinese variant. HQ-9 is often called a Chinese copy of the Russian S-300 that Pakistan always desired but has to settle for a Chinese missile that offers less than 50% of the range what the original offered.

Chinese LY-80/HQ-16 air defense system has been deployed in Pakistan occupied Kashmir and has been facing issues with the topography of the area due to which PESA tracking-and-guidance radar of the missile system are performing as expected and regular downtime due to maintenance of the system also has been on the higher side due to which it is now considering FD-2000 air defense system.

While Americans have threatened to sanction India under CAATSA for procurement of Russian S-400 system that will be delivered by end of this year, In Comedy of Errors, An Islamabad based defense analysts in his recent paper has called for the Pakistani military to procure the S-400 system from Russia, that was meant for India if India backs off from taking deliveries of the system.

A country that is struggling to repay a loan of $1Billion is being asked by Government-funded researcher to procure the S-400 system worth $5Billion in hard cash from Russia, completely forgetting that India already has made 50% payment for the missile system and is very keen on procuring S-400 even in face of repeated threats of sanctions from the American establishment and politicians.

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